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One of the commercial aspects of my photography involves providing digital images for sale via stock libraries, and my current stock agency partner is Alamy.com, one of the biggest photographic stock libraries in the world. I've been contributing images to Alamy since the year 2000 and have over 25,000 photographs for sale, ranging from travel, nature and flora to art and lifestyle images. Currently, I have had over 3,300 images published in 47 countries around the world, mainly in books, magazines, newspapers and travel guides. Mike Crawley Stock Photography is a website dedicated to my stock photography, which provides far more information on this aspect of my work. Click on the banner below to go to my dedicated stock photography website or on the Alamy logo below to search all my (25,000+) images at Alamy. Some typical publications can been viewed on the Publications page.

Mike Crawley Stock Photography Images at Alamy

Some of the Stock Agencies which market my images via Alamy partnerships

Images at Afripics Images at LUCKY LOOK IMAGES Images at ASAP Creative
Images at Dijital Images Images at Image Select Images at All Canada Photos Images at Mauritius Images

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