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A small number of my images have been used as stills on television programs. Some diverse images include a Spotted Hyena, a tree covered in children's dolls in the floating gardens of Xochimilco, Mexico City, and an Ndebele women painting traditional designs on walls, Botshabelo, South Africa which have all been shown on Japanese television. The umbrella bird was shown on Canadian TV. A picture of a bulrush was used by the BBC on one of their television programs. The picture of a bumble bee and the venus fly trap plant were also used on UK television. The picture of a solitary predatory wasp, Ectemnius lapidarius, and a honey bee have been used on German television. A mural in the National Palace of Mexico City depicting life in ancient Aztec Tenochitlan was used in an editorial transmission (unspecified country) as was an image of some South African Cliff Lilies. The image of the Ndebele village was used for TV advertising purposes (unspecified country) for a very nice fee! The portrait of Maureen O'Hara was also used in a TV transmission in an unspecified country.
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